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GoE:  Also GOE.  Abbreviation for Grade of Execution.

Grade of Execution:  A mark for an individual element under the International Judging System that designates the overall quality of execution of the element, taking into account both its strengths and weaknesses, and its conformance to the rules.  Each judge assigns a GoE mark for each executed element in a program.  Abbreviated GoE or GOE.

The GoE mark is specified using the seven numbers from -3 through +3, including 0.  These GoE marks, however, are not the point values a skater accumulates for the element.  A GoE mark of -3 stands for triple minus (worst execution), -2 for double minus (very poor execution), etc. through +3 for triple plus (best execution), with a GoE of 0 for acceptable execution.  The actual GoE points associated with a specific GoE mark for each element varies, and is tabulated in a table of values known as the Scale of Values.  The three negative GoE marks have negative GoE points, the three positive GoE marks have positive GoE points, and a GoE mark of zero is always zero GoE points.

The GoE point values from all the judges are combined together to determine the panel's Grade of Execution point value for each element.  The points earned for an element is the sum of its Base Value points and its GoE points for the panel as a whole.  For each element, the GoE point value for the panel as a whole is calculated using a simple mean or a single trimmed mean, depending on the number of judges on the panel.

Grafstrom spin: A camel spin skated lower to the ice than normal, with a bent knee. Named after Gillis Grafstrom.


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