1996 Nations Cup

This report is based on notes provided by Klaus Reinhold Kany.



Skater SP FS Final
Irina Slutskaya, RUS 1 1 1
Tara Lipinski, USA 2 2 2
Vanessa Gusmeroli, FRA 5 3 3
Olga Markova, RUS 3 4 4
Yulia Vorobieva, AZE 7 5 5
Elena Liashenko, UKR 6 6 6
Mojca Kopac, SLO 4 7 6
Andrea Diewald, GER 11 8 8
Susan Humphreys, CAN 10 9 9
Lenka Kulovana, CZE 9 10 10
Hiromi Sano, JPN 12 11 11
Astrid Hochstetter, GER 8    


Irina Slutskaya followed up on her victory at Skate Canada by taking Nations Cup with first place finishes in both the short and the long. She gave a very good performance in the short, with no errors, landing triple Lutz - double toe for her combination, and triple loop for the solo jump. In the long program she had a few problems landing only three of six triples attempted. Tara Lipinski also had a clean short, with triple Lutz - double loop, and triple flip. In the long she had the chance to move up, but also had trouble with her jumps, landing four of seven attempted. Olga Markova gave two excellent performances in terms of style and presentation, but a fall on triple Lutz in the short, and only three triples in the long held her down to a fourth place finish. Vanessa Gusmeroli had a lackluster short, stepping out of triple Lutz, were she placed fifth. With the weaker content in Markova's long, she was able to move up to third in the long with a clean program that included five triples, despite a presentation that was not as polished as the other top finishers. Astrid Hochstetter, who placed eighth in the short withdrew due to a foot injury.


Skater SP FS Final
Alexei Urmanov, RUS 1 1 1
Dmitry Dmitrenko, UKR 3 2 2
Alexei Yagudin, RUS 2 3 3
Dan Hollander, USA 6 4 4
Szabolcs Vidrai, HUN 4 5 5
Jayson Denommee, CAN 5 6 6
Andrej Vlachtchenko, GER 8 7 7
Michael Shmerkin, ISR 7 8 8
Jens Ter Laak, GER 11 9 9
Makoto Okazaki, JPN 10 10 10
Francis Gastellu, FRA 9 11 11


Alexei Urmanov gave two strong performances winning both the short and the long. In the short his combination was triple Axel - triple toe, but in the long used triple Axel - double toe. Alexei Yagudin pressed him hard in the short also landing triple Axel - triple toe, but faded in the long with two error on the six triples attempted. This allowed Dmitry Dmitrenko to move up from third in the short to second overall. Dmitrenko did two extravagant/strange programs both of which were clean. In the short he landed triple Axel - double toe, while in the long he included five triples. In the short Dan Hollander singled his triple Axel to end up sixth there. In the long he moved up to fourth with a stronger performance than at Skate America, and in which both his triple Axels were clean. Jayson Denommee skated better here than at Skate Canada with a clean short, and six triple in the long. Michael Shmerkin did not have a good competition here, missing two jumps in the short, and only an eighth place finish in the long.


Skater SP FS Final
Woetzel/Steuer, GER 4 1 1
Eltsova.Bushkov, RUS 3 2 2
Ina/Dungjen, USA 1 3 3
Sargeant/Wirtz, CAN 2 4 4
Rogers/Aldred, GBR 5 5 5
Zagorska/Siudek, POL 8 6 6
Mashkovskaya/Chilliy, UKR 9 7 7
Guestault/Guestault, FRA 7 8 8
Dimirov/Rex, GER 6    


Woetzel and Steuer got off to a poor start in the short placing third due to both skaters making errors in side-by-side triple toes, but otherwise the program had very good style and presentations. They came back with an outstanding performance in the long to win the event. They skated a clean program with side-by-side triple toes, triple twist, double Axels, throw triple toe loop, and throw double Axel. Eltsova and Bushkov had one error in the short program with Eltsova falling on triple toe, but their triple twist was the best of the group. They were a little stronger in the long, and were able to move up one spot to place second overall. Ina and Dungjen got off to a good start in the short with clean, well done elements. They faded in the long, however, with a generally good performance, but Dungjen had a problem with double Axel, and overall their presentation was less fluid and polished than the first two teams. Sargeant and Wirtz had a nice short program with a strong presentation and good elements. They dropped in the long, however, due to three errors; Sargeant falling on triple toe and touching a hand down on throw triple Salchow, and one bad lift by the team. Dimitrov and Rex withdrew after the short due to an injury from a nasty fall on the twist lift.


Skater CD OD FD Final
Krylova/Ovsiannikov, RUS 1 1 1 1
Bourne/Kraatz, CAN 3 2 2 2
Moniotte/Lavanchy, FRA 2 3 3 3
Lobacheva/Averbukh, RUS 4 4 4 4
Drobiazko/Vanagas, LIT 5 5 5 5
Stekolnikova/Kazarlyga, KZK 6 6 6 6
Winkler/Lohse, GER 7 7 7 7
Humphreys/Askew, GBR 8 8 8 8
Chalom/Gates, USA 10 9 9 9
Grushina/Goncharov, UKR 9 10 10 10
Moehler/Osthoff, GER 11 11 11 11
Kawai/Tanaka, JPN 12 12 12 12


In winning the dance event Krylova and Ovsiannikov had only one problem, with Krylova nearly falling in the CD (Golden Waltz). Their OD was a strong Spanish tango and their free dance was an excellent interpretation of the Maskerade Waltz by Kkatchaturian. Bourne and Kraatz had a serious fall in the CD, starting them out in third. Their tango is a romantic number which some people love, and others do not care for. In the free dance they are skating to music from the fifties and sixties, using many quick steps and is reminiscent of some of Torvill and Dean's program prior to Bolero. Moniotte and Lavanchy skated well in the CD to take second place, but dropped one spot in the OD and the free dance. Their OD is an Argentine Tango and their free dance a quick gypsy dance. Although only finishing ninth, Chalom and Gates gave three good/promising performances. They were the youngest team in the group, and in their first year in international competition at the senior level are doing fairly well.


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