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2015 Holiday on Ice

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The Big Picture

6 Apr 2016

21 Mar 2016

1 Feb 2016

25 Jan 2016

News from the Southwest Pacific Region

Clubs of the SWP region are invited to send us news items for inclusion here.

2015 Glacier Falls Summer Classic Protocol

2015 Glacier Falls Summer Classic 6.0 Events


Jan. 16 - 24

2016 U.S. National Championships

St. Paul MN

 Feb 13 - 14 Adult Mid-winter LAFSC Artesia CA
 Mar 4 - 6 Glacier Falls / Paramount Iceland Basic Skills Paramount CA
 Mar 4 - 6 2016 Pacific Coast Adult Figure Skating Championships Paramount CA
Mar 12 - 13 OPEN  
Mar 19 - 20 OPEN  
 Mar 26 - 27 EASTER - OPEN
 Apr 5 - 9 2016 US Adult Skating Championships Ann Arbor MI
 Apr 8 - 10 All Year FSC Showcase Ontario CA
 Apr 15 - 17 Fiesta Skate Peoria AZ
 Apr 22 - 24 La Jolla Open La Jolla CA
Apr 22 - 24 Team Challenge Cup Spokane WA
 Apr 27 - May 1 Governing Council  
May 14 - 15 Copper State Classic Gilbert AZ
 May 21 - 22 LAFSC California Championships Los Angeles CA
 May 28 - 29  OPEN
 Jun 3 - 5 All Year Open Ontario CA
 Jun 10 - 12 LAFSC Showcase for Skaters Burbank CA
 Jun 17 - 19 Southern California Inter-club Championships Paramount CA
 Jun 23 - 26 2016 National Theatre on Ice Pelham AL
 Jun 24 - 26 FSC of Southern California Open Championships El Segundo, CA
 Jul 2 - 3 OPEN
 Jul 8 - 10 LAFSC Open Championships Burbank CA
 Jul 15 - 17 Cactus Classic Scottsdale AZ
 Jul 22 - 24 Skate La Grande San Diego CA
 Jul 28 - 31 Glacier Falls Summer Classic Anaheim CA
 Aug 5 - 7 Az Ice Classic  
 Aug 11 - 13 2016 National Showcase
Cleveland OH
 Aug 12 - 14 Orange County Open Yorba Linda CA
 Aug 20 Ice in the Pines Flagstaff AZ
 Aug 27 - 28 Hidden Valley Open Escondido CA
 Sep 1 - 4 Golden West Championships Ontario CA
 Sep 9 - 11 OPEN  
 Sep 15 - 17 Pasadena Open Pasadena CA
Sep 22 - 23 OPEN  
 Sep 28 - Oct 2 2017 Southwest Pacific Scottsdale AZ
Oct 8 - 9 OPEN  
 Oct 15 - 16 Southern California Interclub Series Final Paramount CA
Oct 22 - 23 OPEN  
 Oct 30 53rd Annual Arrowhead Open Ontario CA
Sat, Nov 5 - 6 Autumn Antics Phoenix AZ
Nov 13 -14 OPEN  
 Nov 16 - 20 2017 Pacific Coast Championships Salt Lake City UT

2017 Regional Figure Skating Championships

North Atlantic

Williamsville, New York

Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2016

Eastern Great Lakes

Lansing, Michigan

Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2016

Southwest Pacific

Scottsdale, Arizona

Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2016

Central Pacific

Ogden, Utah

Oct. 5-9, 2016

South Atlantic

Ashburn, Virginia

Oct. 5-9, 2016


Plano, Texas

Oct. 5-9, 2016

New England

Burlington, Vermont

Oct. 19-23, 2016

Northwest Pacific

Wenatchee, Washington

Oct. 19-23, 2016

Upper Great Lakes

Rochester, Minnesota

Oct. 19-23, 2016

2017 Sectional Figure Skating Championships


Indian Trail, North Carolina

Nov. 16-20, 2016


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Nov. 16-20, 2016

Pacific Coast

Salt Lake City

Nov. 16-20, 2016

2017 Adult Sectional Figure Skating Championships


Wayne, New Jersey

March 10-12, 2017


Cincinnati, Ohio


Pacific Coast

Burbank, California

March 10-12, 2017

U.S. Adult Championships

Wake Forest, North Carolina

April 18-22, 2017

  In the News:

Gracie Brings Golden Glow to Westchester Skating Academy - Gracie Gold, the two-time U.S. champion, showed what a force she in the sport when she made a visit to the Westchester Skating Academy in Elmsford, New York last month (July).

2016 ISU Congress Highlights - The 2016 ISU congress took place in a Sheraton hotel a few miles from the historic Croatian city of Dubrovnik, with a beautiful view on the Mediterranean coast. It was one of the more important congresses of the ISU with many positive decisions towards greater openness and democracy, in the case of new office holders as well as new rules.

ISU Election Results for Figure Skating

President: Jan Dijkema (NED)

Vice-President for Figure Skating (second vice-president): Alexander Lakernik (RUS)


  • Junko Hiramatsu (JPN)
  • Benoit Lavoie (CAN)
  • Maria Lundmark (FIN)
  • Maria Teresa Samaranch (ESP)
  • Patricia St. Peter (USA)

Technical Committee Chairs:

Fabio Bianchetti (ITA) - Singles and Pairs

Halina Gordon-Poltorak (POL) - Ice Dance

Christopher Buchanan (GBR) - Synchronized Skating.

Dueling Manifestos Highlight ISU Election - On Friday (10 June 2016) the ISU will elect a new slate of office holders for two year terms to run through June 2018.  At the top of the ballot is the election of a new president to succeed the 22 year reign of the outgoing president Ottavio Cinquanta.

Interview with Christopher Buchanan - Christopher Buchanan, one of four candidates for the ISU presidency shares his vision with us for the future of the ISU.  Exclusive!

A Conversation with Didier Gailhaguet - Part 1 - During the World Championships in Boston we had the opportunity to speak at length with Didier Gailhaguet about his candidacy for the ISU presidency.    Exclusive!

A Conversation with Didier Gailhaguet - Part 2    Exclusive!

2016 Kose Team Challenge Cup

22 - 24 April 2016

Spokane, WA

Team North America Triumphs in First Team Challenge Cup

Team North America increased it's lead on both Team Europe and Team Asia in the final Ladies and Men's sections of the competition, finishing with 892.42 points.  Team Europe scored a total of 848.06 points, while Team Asia earned 820.22 points.

Jason Brown returned to competition with an outstanding free skate that earned 181.50 points without including a quad jump.  He scored 11.42 points behind Shoma Unowho again landed a quad flip as well as a clean solo quad toe loop and a second poorly landed quad toe loop in combination with a single toe loop.  Mikhail Kolyada was the highest scoring man for Team Europe with 165.48 points.

Adam Rippon was the second highest scoring man for Team North America.  Nam Nguyen was third among the North American men.  While waiting for marks he held up sign inviting Polina Edmunds to his prom.  Several minues later, a tweet from Edmunds was shown on the arena video board accepting.

Michael Brezina was the second highest scoring man for Team Europe.  He had a strong skate that was much cleaner than his short program, with an error on one of two triple Axels.  Boyang Jin was the second highest scoring man for Asia, despite missing six of his eight jump elements.

Ashley Wagner was the highest scoring lady for Team North America with 143.20 points.  Wagner shaker both the short program and the long with her right thigh fully wrapped.  Her long was well skated with only a two footed triple Salchow and an under-rotated triple toe loop (in combination with triple flip).  Gacie Gold scored  142.00 points as the second highest scoring North American lady.  Though not perfect, with an error on landing triple loop,  It was her best skate since U.S. natonals in January.

Evgenia Medvedeva was the highest scoring lady with 151.56 points.  She skated a strong clean program with excellent performance quality.  She looked to be as on top of her game as she was at the recent World Championships.  Elena Radionova was the second higest scoring European with 133.31 points.  Two of her jumps were a little off, with a solo triple loop being under-rotated.  It was a much cleaner performance than her short program, which was sell presented (though with chorepgraphy a bit too frantic for our taste).

The two highet scoring ladies for Team Asia were Satoko Miyahara at 145.02 points and Elizaveta Tursynbaeva with 123.61 points.

Estimated Attendance: 5000

Pairs and Dancers Give Team North America Lead in Team Challenge Cup

At the end of the afternoon session of pairs and dance groups Team North America took the lead with 259.04 points.  Nearly 20 points back Team Europe ended the session with 239.42 points followed by Team Asia with 201.96 points.  Team North America dominated with both the top scoring dance couple of Kaitlyn WEAVER & Andrew POJE with 111.56 points and the top scoring pair couple Meagan DUHAMEL & Eric RADFORD with 147.48 points.  Each team received prize money of $10,000 for their achievement.

Weaver & Poje said they found their top scoring performance here particularly satisfying after thie dissappointing fifth place finsih at the recent World Chapionships.  The couple skated with power and passion.

Duhamel & Radoford gave an excellent perofrmance with a sucsessful throw quald Salchow, thouhg their performance was not quite at the level of their Worlds triumph.  The quad Salchow was incorrectly called a throw triple at first, but was corrected shortly after the end of the event.

Team Asia sits in a deep hole, that will require all the skill that their singles skaters can muster to overtake Team North America.  The Asian countries generally lag the rest of the world in the dance discipline, and the team does not have the benefit of the best Chinese pair teams at this competiiton.  Team Europe was also disadvantaged by the lack of Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron, the World dance champions, who are not competing due to a minor injury since worlds.

Estimated Attendance: 5400

Pairs Group 1

  1. Alexa SCIMECA & Chris KNIERIM, USA  122.15
  2. Nicole DELLA MONICA & Matteo GUARISE, ITA  105.88
  3. Sumire SUTO & Francis BOUDREAU-AUDET, JPN  100.78

Pairs Group 2

  1. Meagan DUHAMEL & Eric RADFORD, CAN  147.48
  2. Ksenia STOLBOVA & Fedor KLIMOV, RUS  130.46
  3. Xuehan WANG & Lei WANG, CHN  118.78

Dance Group 1

  1. Madison CHOCK & Evan BATES, USA  111.30
  2. Penny COOMES & Nicholas BUCKLAND, GBR  100.90
  3. Shiyue WANG & Xinyu LIU, CHN  83.18

Dance Group 2

  1. Kaitlyn WEAVER & Andrew POJE, CAN  111.56
  2. Anna CAPPELLINI & Luca LANOTTE, ITA  108.96
  3. Rebeka KIM & Kirill MINOV, KOR  82.18

Points in bold count towards team totals.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

The ladies, men, pairs and dancers will skate their long programs today, begining with the pairs and dance in the afternoon and the ladies and men in the evening.  Team results will determined by the aggregate score of all competitors on each team, but with the lowest dance, pairs, ladies and men's score dropped.

Start orders were chosen by the team captains, but the order the team captains chose was by random draw for each group.  Thus, for each group the accountant did a random draw by team.  If Europe was randomly drawn first, then tChristopher Dean selected the start order for the team's skater.  If Asia was randomly drawn next, Shizuka Arawaka selected from the two remaing start positions.  The team North Amerca skater would then start in the remaining start position.

Afternoon Start Orders

Pairs Group 1
  • Sumire SUTO & Francis BOUDREAU-AUDET, (A, JPN)
  • Nicole DELLA MONICA & Matteo GUARISE, (E, ITA)
  • Alexa SCIMECA & Chris KNIERIM, (NA, USA)
Pairs Group 2
  • Xuehan WANG & Lei WANG, (A, CHN)
  • Ksenia STOLBOVA & Fedor KLIMOV, (E, RUS)
  • Meagan DUHAMEL & Eric RADFORD, (NA, CAN)
Dance Group 1
  • Shiyue WANG & Xinyu LIU, (A, CHN)
  • Penny COOMES & Nicholas BUCKLAND, (E, GBR)
  • Madison CHOCK & Evan BATES, (NA, USA)
Dance Group 2
  • Kaitlyn WEAVER & Andrew POJE, (NA, CAN)
  • Rebeka KIM & Kirill MINOV, (A, KOR)

Evening Start Orders

Men Group 1
  • Sergei VORONOV, (E, RUS)
  • Denis TEN, (A, KAZ)
  • Nam NGUYEN, (NA, CAN)
Ladies Group 1
  • Rika HONGO, (A, JPN)
  • Gabrielle DALEMAN, (NA, CAN)
  • Elena RADIONOVA, (E, RUS)
Ladies Group 2
  • Elizabet TURSYNBAEVA, (A, KAZ)
  • Roberta RODEGHIERO, (E, ITA)
  • Gracie GOLD, (NA, USA)
Men Group 2
  • Boyang JIN, (A, CHN
  • Michal BREZINA, (E, CZE
  • Adam RIPPON, USA
Men's Group 3

 Jason Brown  (NA, USA), Mikhail Kolyada  (E, RUS) and Shoma Uno  (A, JPN)
To skate in reverse order of team standings after Group 2 skates

Ladies Group 3

 Evgenia Medvedeva  (E, RUS), Satoko Miyahara  (A, JPN) and Ashley Wagner  (NA, USA)
To skate in reverse order of team standings after Group 2 skates 

Friday, 22 April 2016

The inaugural Team Challenge Cup, sponsored by title sponsor Kose cosmetics, which is an ISU-sanctioned three-day event that brings together 42 of the top figure skaters in the world competing in a continental team competition began today at the Spokane Arena in Spokane, WA.

Unlike the World Team Trophy held in Japan in odd numbered years, which is organized by teams from the top skating countries, the Team Challenge Cup is organized by continents, consisting of team North America, team Europe and team Asia.  This format allows skaters from countries that are not strong enough to field a team in the World Team Trophy an opportunity to compete in a team event.

Each team consists of three ladies, three men, two pairs teams and two ice dance teams. The teams are led by a team captain who will not compete in the event, but will be involved in selecting skaters and determining team strategy.  Shizuka Arakawa lead team Asia, Christopher Dean leads team Europe and Kristi Yamaguchi leads team North America.

On this opening day, the 18 singles skaters compete head to head in a Short Program team event.  The lineup for today consisted of:

  • Mikhail Kolyada               (E, RUS)
  • Denis Ten                         (A, KAZ)
  • Adam Rippon                   (NA, USA)
  • Gracie Gold                      (NA, USA)
  • Satoko Miyahara              (A, JPN)
  • Evgenia Medvedeva        (E, RUS)
  • Rika Hongo                       (A, JPN)
  • Gabrielle Daleman           (NA, CAN)
  • Roberta Rodeghiero        (E, ITA)
  • Michal Brezina                  (E, CZE)
  • Shoma Uno                       (A, JPN)
  • Nam Nguyen                     (NA, CAN)
  • Boyang Jin                        (A, CHN)
  • Jason Brown                     (NA, USA)
  • Sergei Voronov                (E, RUS)
  • Elizabet Tursynbaeva       (A, KAZ)
  • Ashley Wagner                 (NA, USA)
  • Elena Radionova              (E, RUS)

In this section of the competition, the skaters were divided into groups of three.  Within each group the skater in first place earned 12 points for their team, the skater in second place earned ten points for their team and the skater in third place earned eight points for their team. The aggregate of points from all the skaters determined the team result.  The skaters placed as follows in their groups.

Men, Group 1


Place Points
Mikhail Kolyada  (E) 3 8
Denis Ten  (A) 1 12
Adam Rippon  (NA) 2 10

Men, Group 2


Place Points
Michal Brezina  (E) 3 8
Shoma Uno  (A) 1 12
Nam Nguyen  (NA) 2 10

Men, Group 3


Place Points
Boyang Jin  (A) 1 12
Jason Brown  (NA) 2 10
Sergei Voronov  (E) 3 8

Ladies, Group 1


Place Points

Gracie Gold  (NA)

3 8
Satoko Miyahara  (A) 2 10
Evgenia Medvedeva  (E) 1 12

Ladies, Group 2


Place Points
Rika Hongo  (A) 3 8
Gabrielle Daleman  (NA) 1 12
Roberta Rodeghiero  (E) 2 10

Ladies, Group 3


Place Points

Elizabet Tursynbaeva  (A) 

2 10
Ashley Wagner  (NA) 1 12
Elena Radionova  (E) 3 8

The team point totals were 64 for Team Asia, 62 for team North America and 54 points for team Europe.  Team Asia placed first in all three men's groups while Team North America won two of the ladies groups.  The third ladies group was won by Team Europe.  Team Europe was tanked by poor performances by Elena Radionova, Sergei Voronov and Michal Brezina.

Gracie Gold missed the triple-triple combination in her group 1 skate, doubling the intended triple Lutz.  This error cost her one place in that group, and was the deciding error from Team North America.

After the day's competition was completed, Shizuka Arakawa, team captain for Team Asia, said, "Today each skater did a really great job, especially Shoma Uno getting 105 points. I’m very proud of every skater on the team because they gave high quality and showed great skills."  Uno landed a quad flip, the first time that jump has been sucessfully executed in ISU competition.

Shoma Uno had the highest score among the men and Evgenia Medvedeva among the ladies.  Medvedeva earned a seasons best 77.56 points for her Short Program score.  The two skaters each won $5,000 for their effort, while Team Asia won $60,000 for their victory in the Team Challenge singles competition.

Estimated Attendance: 2900

2016 World Championships

28 March - 3 April 2016

Boston, MA

Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford Golden Again

Evgenia Medvedeva Wins Gold in First Appearance at Worlds,
Ashley Wagner Wins First World Medal for U.S. Ladies Since 2006

Backstage in Boston III - Worlds wrapped up on Sunday, and I have to say, it was probably one of the greatest events that I’ve ever attended, honestly.

It was everything one might imagine and more, as Boston hit it out of the proverbial park as the host city of this celebrated international skating fete.

Fernandez Repeats as Men's Champion with Memorable Performance

Wenjing Sui  and Cong Han Take Lead in Pairs Event

Backstage in Boston II - It’s Saturday, the final day of competition at the World Championships here in Boston and I must say, it’s been one incredible experience, both on and behind the so-called scenes and it is a world-class event in every respect.

The skating and performance level of these elite skaters has been tremendous in every respect, particularly that of the U.S. world team.

Papadakis & Cizeron Defend Their World Title with Another Magical Program

Gracie Gold Leads After Ladies Short Program, In Position to Break the Drought

Backstage in Boston - Worlds are well underway here in Boston and they are everything anyone might well imagine it to be.

The athletes, coaches, officials and media members are here in tow from all over the world and the TD Garden is bursting with energy and activity in every way imaginable.

Hanyu Gives Short Program Performance Near His World Record

Papadakis & Cizeron Win the Short Dance - About 4,500 spectators saw the first part of the 2016 World Championships in Boston which was the short dance of the 30 ice dance couples. The general level of the competition was very high. There were no falls at all and only minor mistakes.

More Boot Issues For Nagasu

Mirai Nagasu missed her practice at the TD Garden Tuesday due to another boot issue.  We later learned that issue was similar to the problem she experienced at Nationals in January.  In this case the boot outer leather split on the opposite boot and required patching.

U.S. Team Ready to Take on the World

World's Best to Compete in Boston

Audio Interview with Grant Hockstein (8:20) 

Polina Edmunds Withdraws from World Championships

2016 U.S. silver medalist Polina Edmunds has withdrawn from the 2016 ISU World Figure Skating Championships due to a bone bruise in her right foot. Alternate Mirai Nagasu will represent Team USA at the World Championships, which begin March 28, in Boston.

Edmunds' bone bruise has limited her ability to tap with her right foot and perform Lutz and flip jumps. She is expected to make a full recovery with an appropriate period of rest.

"While the decision to withdraw is disappointing, I don't want to compete at the World Championships without performing my hardest technical elements,"¯ Edmunds said. "I go to competition with the goal of representing Team USA to the best of my ability and performing my strongest programs. I will take time to recover and am looking forward to preparing for next season. I wish Team USA and all competitors at Worlds the best of luck."

Nagasu will join Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner as the ladies entries for the U.S. at the World Championships.  Nagasu placed fourth at the 2016 U.S. National Championships in January despite a boot failure in the Short Program that nearly derailed her season.  She won the silver medal at the 2016 Four Continents championships in February.


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2016 Worlds Medal Count

  Gold Silver Bronze Total
USA   2 1 3
CHN   1 1 2
RUS 1   1 2
CAN 1 1
ESP 1     1
FRA 1     1
GER     1 1
JPN   1   1

2015 Worlds Medal Count

  Gold Silver Bronze Total
CAN 1   1 2
CHN   1 1 2
JPN   2   2
RUS 1   1 2
ESP 1     1
FRA 1     1
KAZ     1 1
USA   1   1

Estimated Attendance for 2016 Worlds

LSP 8,100 LFS 15,000
MSP 6,000 MFS 13,500
PSP 6,750 PFS 13,500
DSD 4,500 DFD 10,200
Exh 13,500 Total 91,050

Estimated Attendance for 2015  Worlds

LSP 7,500 LFS 11,500
MSP 10,000 MFS 12,000
PSP 12,000 PFS 11,500
DSD 6,400 DFD 10,500
Exh 12,500 Total 93,900

Shibutanis Skate to Silver in Ice Dance

Yuzuro Hanyu in Men's Short Program

Satoko Miyahara at Tuesday Practice

Gracie Gold at Tuesday Practice

News Nuggets

Past News Nuggets are in the Archive

Jun 8 - ISU congress agrees to eliminate anonymous judging.

Jun 4 - Rafael Arutyunyan is named Coach of the Year by PAS for second consecutive year..

May 29 - Rafael Arutyunyan and co. will be moving from East West Ice arena in Artesia, CA to Lakewood Ice in Lakewood, CA at the end of this summer.

May 17 - Patrick Chan announces he is relocating to train in Vancouver at the Champs International Skating Center in Burnaby, BC.  He and coach Kathy Johnson will be moving from Detroit in July.

Apr 11 - Jan Dijkema, ISU Vice President for Speed Skating announced he was running for president of the ISU, bringing the total number of announced candidates to four.

In his statement announcing his canditacy he wrote, "Herewith I would like to announce my candidacy for the position of ISU President. The ISU has been my home and passion for many years. My love of skating has motivated me to work hard for the ISU family and stakeholders to promote and develop the sport worldwide. I am excited for the future of figure skating, short track speed skating and speed skating on all its levels. I hope that I may continue showing my leadership."

"As ISU President, the key themes of Inspiration & Innovation would be central throughout my tenure. I hope to inspire the skating community, helping to innovate and evolve the ISU and Member Federations, while never forgetting the solid foundation that has already been laid. Guided by these principles, I will focus on three strategic pillars:

  • Marketing, Promotion & Digitalization
  • Development
  • Good Governance

Dijkema was in Boston during the recent World Figure Skating Championships meeting with ISU figure skating officials to gauge potential support for his candidacy.  In announcing his run he released a seven page slickly produced manifesto promoting his candidacy.

The political buzz in Boston was that some in the figrue skating community are supportive of Dijkema to prevent the election of Didier Gailhaguet, and to allow other figure skating officials time to build support for a run for the presidency in future years.  Dijkema is age eligible to run for ISU office in 2016 and again in 2018, and potentially could serve for no more than six years.

Apr 8 - David Dore, 1st Vice President of Figure Skating for the International Skating Union, passed away this morning in Ottawa, at age 75.

Dore was the youngest President of the Canadian Figure Skating Association, now known as Skate Canada, serving from 1980 to 1984.  Subsequently he was Director General of Skate Canada until 2002.  Most recently, and up until his passing, he served as the 1st Vice President of Figure Skating for the ISU.

“The skating community in Canada and around the world are extremely saddened by the passing of David. He brought figure skating to a whole new level with his innovative and forward-thinking ideas; many practices that he implemented are still in use today,” said Dan Thompson, Skate Canada CEO. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the Dore family during this trying time. The sport has lost a true champion.”

Dore was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in 2008. In 2002, he received the International Olympic Committee’s highest honour, the Olympic Order, for his contribution to sport in the global community. In 2008 he was inducted into the Skate Canada Hall of Fame as a builder.

Dore was a Canadian national champion in Fours in 1964, a world and Olympic level judge, and was involved locally at the club and section level.

Mar 26 - Nathan Chen Update:  Nathan Chen, who required surgery following a hamstring injury at the 2016 U.S. National Championships exhibition continues his recovery at the  U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.  He recently has been on the ice briefly, but will be in off-ice physical therapy for at least one more month, before he begins his on-ice recovery.

June Competitions

13 - 18 Jun - International Adult Figure Skating Competition, Oberstdorf, Germany

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